【05/04 TOSSUG 心得分享】Thinker - SVG + Gecko 完全攻略

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您參加了今年的 OSDC.TW 嗎?是否因為平行議程太多而錯過了 Thinker、Chihchun、黃昭龍的演講?或是沒報到名?還是很有興趣、想要更進一步了解?

您的機會來了!Thinker 將在 5/4 下週二到 Tossug 深入介紹他和幾位朋友開發的 SVG + Gecko 的 GUI 系統,想認識、了解、使用或參與這麼有意思的專案嗎?那還不快上報名網頁 http://registrano.com/events/1854be 報名!

題目: SVG + Gecko 完全攻略

摘要: 說到 GUI,很多人都想到 qt/gtk 等 toolkit 。然而,在很多情況裡,這些工具都幫不上忙。原因是,美工和 UI designer 能想出來的介面,遠遠超過這些 toolkit 所能提供的。本次的分享,將提供另一種途徑。以 SVG 為基礎,為 UI deisgners 、 artists 和 programmers 創造更和協的環境。


 - SVG 介紹
 - XBL 介紹
 - 使用 xulrunner
  - xulrunner 應用程式
  - 相關開發工具
 - 範例

時間:  2010/05/04 星期二,分享時間 7:30pm 開始,6:30pm 開始入場
主題:  SVG + Gecko 完全攻略
主講人: Thinker
語言:  中文
地點:  Mix Coffee & Tea ( http://www.tossug.org/mix-coffee-tea )
消費:  200元,含晚餐一份,到場付費,6:30pm 開始入場用餐、閒聊、認識新朋友,有名片的朋友記得帶到。
注意事項:有免費的無線上網,請別把 notebook 忘在家裡。



Did you attend the OSDC.TW conference this year? Did you miss the talk by Thinker, Chihchun and Chao-Lung because of too many parallel sessions? Maybe you didn't register in time? Or you have listened to their talk, and wanted to learn more about it?

This is your chance! Thinker will come to Tossug next Tuesday (May 4) to deep dive into the GUI system he and friends developed based on SVG + Gecko. Want to know, understand, use or participate in such a cool project? What are you waiting for? Register for the talk at http://registrano.com/events/1854be immediately!

Topic: Conquer SVG + Gecko completely

Abstract: Talking about GUI, many people think about toolkits like qt/gtk. However, none of these tools can help in many situations because the user interface designed by artists and UI designers are far beyond the capabilities of these toolkits. We'll introduce a different approach in this talk: a more cohesive environment created for UI designers, artists and programmers based on SVG technology.

 - Introduction to SVG
 - Introduction to XBL
 - Using xulrunner
  - xulrunner applications
  - related development tools
 - Examples

Registration:  http://registrano.com/events/1854be
Time:  2010/05/04 (Tuesday), 7:30pm - 9:00pm, dinner starts at 6:30pm
Topic: Conquer SVG + Gecko completely
Speaker: Thinker
Language: Chinese
Place: 2F of Mix Coffee & Tea (http://wiki.tossug.org/MixCoffee&Tea )
Fee: NT$200 which covers dinner. Pay when you arrive.
Notice: Free WiFi is available.

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