【12/7 TOSSUG 特別聚會】Pasi Nieminen: MeeGo 的簡介、機會和進展

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** 歡迎轉寄 **

感謝 John Lee 的牽線,在 12/7(下週二)的 Qt Conference [1] 之後,特別商請 Nomovok 公司 [2] 的執行長 Pasi Nieminen 先生 [3] 來土虱和大家非正式地聊一聊他對 MeeGo 的想法,對 MeeGo 很好奇嗎?已經入手 MeeGo 但還有一些困惑嗎?聽聽已經深度投入的人/公司的經驗,也許會有不一樣的收穫喔!

以下是 John Lee 提供的資訊的中譯。

Pasi Nieminen 是 Nomovok 的執行長。Nomovok 是位於芬蘭的 open source 嵌入式系統公司,正在歐洲和亞洲進行幾個 MeeGo 的專案,最大的客戶是 Nokia。Pasi 自 1990 年代就開始開發 open source 軟體,過去十年致力於 open source 軟體的商業推展,過去這年則是完全投入 MeeGo。

他希望和台灣對 MeeGo 開發有興趣的開發者 [4] 聚一聚、建立起對話,他說他「基本上熟悉 MeeGo 的一切」,包括技術面和商業上的展望,如 Nokia、Intel 等公司的計劃。

時間:  2010/12/7 星期二,分享時間 7:30pm 開始,6:30pm 開始入場
主題:  MeeGo 的簡介、機會和進展
主講人: Pasi Nieminen
語言:  英文
地點:  Mix Coffee & Tea ( http://www.tossug.org/mix-coffee-tea )
消費:  200元,含晚餐一份,到場付費,6:30pm 開始入場用餐、閒聊、認識新朋友,
注意事項:有免費的無線上網,請別把 notebook 忘在家裡。
[1] Qt Conference @ Taipei: http://qt.nokia.com/about/events/qt-conference-taipei-2010
[2] http://www.nomovok.com/
[3] http://fi.linkedin.com/pub/pasi-nieminen/0/188/2b9
[4] 我個人的解讀是:開發者 = 任何想用或已經用 MeeGo 開發的人,包括但不限於工程師、學生、業餘愛好者、專案經理人等等。



*** Please feel free to circulate. ***

Thanks to John Lee, we'll have a special meetup on 12/7 right after the Qt Conference at Taipei [1]. Mr. Pasi Nieminen [3], the CEO of Nomovok [2], will come to Tossug for an informal talk and chat on MeeGo. If you are curious about MeeGo, or if you are developing your software with it but still are confused, maybe you'll get some insights or answers from someone who has deeply involved in MeeGo.

The following is introduction provided by John.

Pasi Nieminen is CEO of NOMOVOK. The company is specialiced to Open Source in embedded devices, and works on multiple MeeGo projects in Europe and Asia. Pasi has been in Open Source development since '90 and last 10 years just focused for commercial deployments of OSS, last one year fully focused to MeeGo.

He would like to meet with FOSS developers in Taiwan who are interested in Meego development. He said that he knows pretty much everything about Meego. That includes both the technical side and the business aspects such as Nokia, Intel, etc.

Registration:  http://registrano.com/events/1c8a24
Time:  2010/12/7 (Tuesday), 7:30pm - 9:00pm, dinner starts at 6:30pm
Topic: introducing MeeGo: informal intro of MeeGo and related development
opportunities and latest development
Speaker: Pasi Nieminen
Language: English
Place: 2F of Mix Coffee & Tea ( http://www.tossug.org/mix-coffee-tea )
Fee: NT$200 which covers dinner. Pay when you arrive.
Notice: Free WiFi is available.

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