【8/17 TOSSUG HTML5 讀書會】與 HTML5 大師近距離對談

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Opera 首席網路標準長(Chief Standards Officer)Charles McCathieNevile 和網路標準專家謝子斌先生兩位大師此次遠道從西班牙和挪威前來台灣參加 COSCUP / GNOME.Asia 2010 聯合研討會,在會後特地多留幾天,期待與台灣本地開發者有深度的對談。Tossug 的 HTML5 讀書會系列活動有幸能請到兩位大師,在 Opera 公司的大力支持下,舉辦這次特別的活動。預計將在 HTML5 和 CSS3、DOM、硬體等等技術上有更多的著墨。

如果您將會參加 COSCUP / GNOME.Asia 2010 的 HTML5 議程但想更進一步、或是心中有想法想和頂尖專家交流切磋,這就是您的機會了!

- 時間: 8/17(二)19:00 - 21:00, 可交流至 22:00
- 地點: 台北市忠孝東路四段285號 5F(捷運藍線忠孝敦化站和國父紀念舘站之間)
- 活動名稱:與 HTML5 大師近距離對談 
- 大師: Charles McCathieNevile 和謝子斌先生
- 活動形式: 演講、座談、自由交流
- 費用: 免費
- 其他: 現場備有免費 Wifi、飲料與點心
- 報名: 請上 http://registrano.com/events/70c495 網頁報名


The Chief Standards Officer of Opera Software Charles McCathieNevile and Web Evangelist Zi Bin Cheah are coming all the way from Spain and Norway to Taiwan to give talks in the COSCUP / GNOME.Asia 2010 conference. They have decided to stay a few more days to have a more in-depth dialog with web developers in Taiwan. With tremendous support from Opera, I'm honored to invite both of them to the very special HTML5 Journal Club of Tossug. They will address technical issues of HTML5 such as CSS3, DOM, device API and so on.

If you will attend the HTML5 session of COSCUP / GNOME.Asia 2010 and wants to go further, or you have ideas about what HTML5 should/can do and want to talk with world leading experts, this is your opportunity!

- Time: 8/17 (Tuesday) 19:00 - 21:00, mingle until 22:00
- Place:  5F, No. 285, Sec. 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Taipei (between Zhongxiao Dunhua and Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall stations)
- Event name: Up close with HTML5 masters
- Masters: Charles McCathieNevile and Zi Bin Cheah
- Event format: Speech, panel and mingling
- Charges: None
- Misc: Free wifi, drinks and snacks will be available
- Registration: Please register on http://registrano.com/events/70c495

Opera 台灣辦公室商務中心 / 台北市忠孝東路四段285號 5F

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