[3/29 TOSSUG] Roger Dingledine : Tor 匿名系統的討論

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美國國防部和電子前鋒基金會(Electronic Frontier Foundation)有什麼相似之處?這兩個單位都資助了 Tor 計劃 ( http://torproject.org ) 的開發。Tor 是個用自由軟體打造的網路,能讓全球各地網民匿名安全上網。2300 位志願者為至少五十萬 Tor 線上使用者轉接流量,這些人包含想避免身份遭盜竊的一般市民、及那些想要私下窺探競爭對手網站的企業、全世界的部落客和行動主義者、在中東地區想要連上家鄉伺服器的士兵和醫護人員不用害怕受到人身攻擊。

我將介紹 Tor 的架構,並說明使用者使用它的原因,以及它所提供的安全性,然後我們將開放討論關於開放研究的問題、更廣泛的社會影響、圍繞在中國的審查跟規避的問題、還有其它聽眾想要討論的議題。


Roger Dingledine 是 Tor 計劃主持人,Tor 是一個美國非盈利計劃,主要為多家組織作匿名技術的研發,像是美國之聲(Voice of America)、美國海軍、電子前鋒基金會(Electronic Frontier Foundation)。Roger 除了 Tor 計劃外,他也組織匿名系統學術研討會,在許多不同的行業和駭客研討中演說,並且為國內外的執法單位做匿名系統的教學。

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時間: 2011/03/29 星期二,活動時間 7:30pm 開始,6:30pm 開始入場 
主題: Tor 匿名系統的討論 
主講人:Roger Dingledine 
語言: 英文 
地點: Mix Coffee & Tea ( http://www.tossug.org/mix-coffee-tea ) 
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What do the United States Department of Defense and the Electronic Frontier Foundation have in common? They have both funded the development of Tor ( http://torproject.org ), a free-software anonymizing network that helps people around the world use the Internet in safety. Tor's 2300 volunteer relays carry traffic for perhaps half a million concurrent users including ordinary citizens who want protection from identity theft and prying corporations, corporations who want to look at a competitor's website in private, bloggers and activists around the world, and soldiers and aid workers in the Middle East who need to contact their home servers without fear of physical harm.

I'll give an overview of the Tor architecture, and talk about who uses it and why, and what security it provides. Then we can open it up for discussion about open research questions, wider social implications, censorship and circumvention questions around China, and other topics the audience wants to consider.


Roger Dingledine is project leader for The Tor Project, a US non-profit working on anonymity research and development for such diverse organizations as Voice of America, the U.S. Navy, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. In addition to all the hats he wears for Tor, Roger organizes academic conferences on anonymity, speaks at a wide variety of industry and hacker conferences, and also does tutorials on anonymity for national and foreign law enforcement.

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Time: 2011/03/29 (Tuesday), discussion starts at 7:30pm, dinner starts at 6:30pm
Topic: A discussion about the Tor anonymity system
Speaker: Roger Dingledine 
Language: English
Place: Mix Coffee & Tea ( http://www.tossug.org/mix-coffee-tea )
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