[TOSSUG 12/18] David Wu (wuman) - A Deep Dive into Open Source Android Development

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David Wu is a principal software engineer at HTC. He works on the social network team for HTC Sense, responsible for adding “social touches” to the overall user experience. He is one of the core developers behind HTC Friend Stream.

In his free time he is also an active participant in the free software community in Taiwan. He is a regular at both the Taipei Open Source Software User Group and Hacking Thursday.


The increasing popularity of the Android platform over the past two years has encouraged many talented developers to contribute. Developers no longer need to invent their own wheels from scratch. Instead, many open source tools and libraries are becoming available for Android developers. In this talk we will take a deep dive into Android programming and how developers can leverage open source tools to bootstrap their Android apps. We will also talk about how developers can contribute back to the open source community.


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時間:2012/12/18 星期二,活動時間 7:00pm 開始,6:00pm 開始入場
主題:A Deep Dive into Open Source Android Development
主講人:David Wu (wuman)
語言: Chinese/中文
地點: Mix Coffee & Tea ( http://www.tossug.org/mix-coffee-tea )
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