【04/06 TOSSUG 心得分享】jserv: LLVM 力 -- 軟體的價值由編譯器決定

[English below]

我真的懶得寫了,講者是 jserv 耶!大家說說看,還需要我介紹嗎?更何況神級的 jserv 早在四個禮拜!四個禮拜前就把簡介大綱寫完了! m(_._)m

大家就不用看我囉嗦,直接看 jserv 寫的簡介吧!

簡介: 當今資訊建設中,無論硬體架構為何,軟體開發可說清一色為 framework 導向,從 iPhone、Netbook、到大型伺服器交易系統,無不都思考如何更多元、更安全、更有效率地發揮硬體特性。當編譯器技術走入新的層次時,就需要更強大且多元的 Toolkit/framework。去年筆者已在 OSDC.tw 的〈窮得只剩下 Compiler〉探討過資訊技術的典範移轉 (paradigm shift) 與突破限制的可能性,今年則打算透過實務的開發,探討編譯器嶄新的革命。改編女王的話:「請您一定要相信:軟體的價值由編譯器決定,我們當然可以活到老、Coding 到老」。

- 如火如荼發展的 LLVM
- 動手用 LLVM:不是為了取悅硬體而寫編譯器,而是為自己而寫編譯器
- LLVM 為基礎的自由軟體專案回顧

時間:  2010/04/06 星期二,分享時間 7:30pm 開始,6:30pm 開始入場
主題:  LLVM 力 -- 軟體的價值由編譯器決定
主講人: jserv
語言:  中文
地點:  Mix Coffee & Tea ( http://www.tossug.org/mix-coffee-tea )
消費:  200元,含晚餐一份,到場付費,6:30pm 開始入場用餐、閒聊、認識新朋友,有名片的朋友記得帶到。
注意事項:有免費的無線上網,請別把 notebook 忘在家裡。



I'm happy to announce that jserv is coming to talk about LLVM next week. He is so famous that I don't need to introduce him anymore. The following is his introduction to his talk, translated by me. Any mistakes are my own.

No matter what the hardware architecture is, it is safe to say that the development of software on top of it is framework oriented nowadays. From iPhone, Netbook to large scale transactional server systems, people all are trying to squeeze the last drop out of the hardware more securely, more efficiently and in more ways. When the compiler technology steps up to a new level, stronger and more diversified toolkits/frameworks are called for. I have given a talk "compiler is all I have" one the paradigm shift of information technology and the possibility of a break through in OSDC.tw last year. I'd like to discuss the brand new revolution of compiler technology via pragmatic development this year. Rephrasing the words of the Queen: "You must believe: the value of software is decided by compilers. We can surely keeping coding until we're old."

- LLVM on a soar
- Hands-on LLVM: writing compiler not to please hardware, but for oneself
- An overview of free software projects based on LLVM

Registration:  http://registrano.com/events/f189d1
Time:  2010/04/06 (Tuesday), 7:30pm - 9:00pm, dinner starts at 6:30pm
Topic: LLVM force -- the value of software is decided by the compiler
Speaker: jserv
Language: Chinese
Place: 2F of Mix Coffee & Tea (http://wiki.tossug.org/MixCoffee&Tea )
Fee: NT$200 which covers dinner. Pay when you arrive.
Notice: Free WiFi is available.

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