9/9 Tossug 日常聚會/Regular meeting

主辦單位 TOSSUG 聯絡主辦單位
Subject: Free discusstion
Location: Mix Coffee&Tea Cafe.
200 Sec. 2 Nanchang Rd., Taipei
1 minute walk from exit 2 of Guting MRT station

TOSSUG members are interested in learning more about free and open source software. Whether the software runs on GNU/Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, or Windows, as long as they conform to the Free Software Definition set by the Free Software Foundation or the Open Source Definition formulated by the Open Source Initiatives, TOSSUG members are open to discussing and using them.

We try not to engage in fruitless debate between free software and open source. Arguements over whether GNU/Linux or FreeBSD or Darwin is better are also frowned upon. We like the benifits this software offers and we work to promote its wider use.

We meet every Tuesday evening to exchange ideas for how to best utilize open source softwares for work or pleasure.

主題: 隨意討論
地點: Mix Coffee&Tea Cafe
台北市南昌路二段 200 號

TOSSUG 是一群對各種開放原始碼軟體 (Open Source Softwares) 有興趣的人,不論是在 Linux、BSD、Mac OS X、還是 Windows 上執行的軟體,只要符合 [WWW] Open Source Initiatives[WWW] 開放原始碼定義[WWW] Free Software Foundation[WWW] 自由軟體定義,都是我們討論和使用的對象。


Mix Coffee & Tea /


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入場券 2008/09/02 22:00(+0800) ~ 2008/09/09 22:00(+0800) 結束販售
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